• 2020-04-27

    Customer Installation of Solar Panels


    Overseas Shipment of Goldsun Solar Panels


    Welcome Vietnamese customer visit our factory

    Vietnamese customers visit our subsidiary Yingli Energy (YanTai) Co., Ltd to learn more about the high conversion efficiency of 12BB solar panels. Our general manager,technical team […]

    Spainish customer visit our factory

    Spainish customer visit our subsidiary factory named Yingli Energy(Yantai)Co.,Ltd and visit the production line on 19th Aug,2019.It’s the first time they seen how a factory produce […]

    Causes and analysis of common phenomena in the lamination process of polycrystalline components

    The following are some of the problems that are often encountered in actual production. submit questions 1. There are fragments in the component. 2. There are […]

    Tips to solve the problem of perovskite solar cells

    Thanks to new manufacturing methods, scientists have achieved more than 15% energy conversion on perovskite-type solar cells larger than one square centimeter. Researchers report that perovskite-type […]

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    How to Maintain Photovoltaic Power Plant Equipment

    Important equipment maintenance check According to the current equipment maintenance, the maintenance requirements of PV modules and combiner boxes are relatively large, and daily defects are […]